I believe so much of the dis-ease we experience is due to being disconnected to everything that influences our health: every part of the Self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, & energetic), how we live our lives, and nature and the energy around us. You aren’t just your mind, or just your physical body. Every piece is so deeply connected and complexly interacts with one another to make up who you are and your state of health at any given time. And so with any human struggle, we have to look at every piece of the human mind, body, and soul, and what makes you, you. It all matters... YOU matter. 

I’m a holistic health coach and Reiki practitioner, ready to empower you with the resources, perspective and support you need to come home to yourself and heal on every level - mind, body and soul - so that you can experience more joy and ease as you confidently navigate your ever-evolving state of health.

I'm Aly

Hey there!

As a health coach, I have all that available to provide, and more. Are you ready to get started on your journey of transformation to embody your personal version of health?

There’s nothing wrong with you for wanting more from your support system: more guidance, time, resources, knowledge, community, attention, etc.

Health is not a destination to arrive at, but is an ever evolving journey that requires support from various people and places along the way - it's not a solo journey.

Health is a uniquely personal experience - it's about finding what's right for YOU at any given time.

Your body and soul know how to heal - it's about removing the blocks and getting clear on how to support your natural state of health and alignment.

Food is medicine. What you eat matters, and either contributes to a state of health, or a state of dis-ease.

HOW you eat is just as important as what you eat.

It's ALL connected. All parts of your physical body, all tangible and intangible parts of the self, the influences of nature, how you live your life, the thoughts you think, etc. It all works together to create your current state of health and it's all important.

My beliefs about health:

I am here because I am human, just like you. I’ve experienced struggle after struggle in what seems like every area of my health and life, and to be honest, I'm still navigating it all (because it truly is a lifelong journey).

Hormone imbalances, Hashimoto’s, parasites and gut dysbiosis, are just some of my physical health struggles... Maybe you can relate?

why i am here

My Story

I’ve been on my own health journey since 2015. One that has been characterized by countless doctors and practitioners, medical tests, supplements, dietary changes and restrictions, and wondering if I’d ever feel “good” again. I was obsessed with finding answers and trying to fix what seemed wrong with me, but always feeling like the victim and as if everything was just out of my control. 

As my physical health issues began to create mental and emotional struggles as well, I began to realize how truly connected it all is, and how much I was holding myself back from healing by not addressing the full picture. It was learning it wasn’t just about the food and the supplements, but that my mindset, self-talk, daily actions, emotional health, spiritual connection (and so much more) all influenced my overall health. How I showed up in the world and the energy and intention I brought to everything in my life played a role.  

These years were associated with a lot of overall pain and discomfort, but they also led to some incredible self-discovery, personal growth, and a deeper connection to myself and my life. I took responsibility, researched, tuned into my own body, followed through on making changes, and I became my own best health advocate and my own healer - in addition to my doctors, alternative health professionals, and support system of course! And now I take all that I’ve learned, to be in service to you and your healing.

Personally, I think this makes the best kind of coach! Of course I haven’t lived through your unique perspective and exact experiences, and I won’t pretend I have. However, I’m here to listen and make sure you feel heard and understood. I know the road and I’m here to support and guide you on YOUR path towards healing, and help you find exactly what you are needing and what works for you. Health is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  

BECAUSE I’ve been through challenges in my overall health, I’m able to coach and guide from experience.

Connection: To yourself, everything you do, and to everything around you.
Intention: In every choice you make, and to live life as a consciously connected and aware human being.
Clarity: To uncover, clear out, and heal hidden root causes that are keeping you stuck.
Empowerment: Equipping you with the tools and resources you need, for when old habits and resistance inevitably reappear. You're in control.
Resilience: Teaching you how to be resilient, in body, mind, and spirit. 
Presence: Allowing you to feel fully seen, heard, and supported, in addition to you cultivating presence and mindfulness in your daily life. 

My mission is to help you reconnect and return home to yourself to heal on all levels. It sounds like a big task, I know. But at the heart of it all, it’s really quite simple. It requires: 

My Mission

And most importantly, it requires LOVE. I believe that you can’t heal from a place of hate. Love, forgiveness, and compassion are at the forefront of how I coach, and what I teach. 

Yes I want to explore your services!

Ready to dive in?

The hardest step is done: reaching out and committing to yourself. Now we get clear on where we’re going, set the foundations, and begin doing the work that will lead to holistic transformation and healing.  

Get started


Together, we will choose the path that fits YOUR current circumstances and needs. Maybe getting started with Reiki or EFT Tapping, or maybe jumping all in for a 3 month 1:1 coaching program. 

create an action plan


book a connection call

I completely understand the overwhelm that can come with taking action and trying to make a decision... So let’s talk it through! I’m here to listen and support you with your best interest in mind. 


about the process

How it Works

EFT Tapping Practitioner

Reiki II

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 


Fun facts!

My favorite way to spend an extra 5 minutes

Sit in the sun, letting it warm my body and soul

Where I am happiest

Anywhere in nature

Coffee or tea

Tea all the way! Preferably herbal. I actually haven’t had one sip of coffee since 2014! 

Human design: 

Manifesting Generator

Other random facts:

I majored in Environmental Studies in college and spent a lot of time at the school gardens and farm learning about sustainable food systems and agroecology. This really started my love for plants and food! 

Astrology signs:

Aries Sun
Leo Moon
Sagittarius Rising

I’ve lived by the ocean my whole life. It’s definitely a place that brings me so much peace, healing, and joy. 

I LOVE animals. Especially dogs and little birds. Instant mood booster!

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